Highway Patrol Stresses Risks Involved in Motorcycle Riding

The Ohio State Highway Patrol stresses out the responsibility that comes with riding a motorcycle.

Although statistics show that there are less motorcycle accidents than car accidents per year, motorcycle accidents have a far greater risk of fatality.

Sergeant Jeff Bernard with the Ohio State Highway Patrol says:

“Motorcycles are probably around 20% of our fatalities– drivers of motorcycles and passengers,” said Sgt. Bernard. “We average about 1 every summer– a fatality involving a motorcycle.”

This is why it’s imperative to operate a motorcycle with full responsibility in mind.

Sgt. Bernard says a lot of the motorcycle crashes they investigate involve riders who aren’t licensed for operating a motorcycle and also drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Another factor that may increase a rider’s risk of survival is wearing the proper gear.

While Ohio state law only requires helmets for drivers under the age of 18 as well as those operating on a temporary limit and for their 1st year of having a motorcycle endorsement, Sgt. Bernard says that regardless – everyone should wear a helmet.

 “You’re always safer wearing a helmet– even if the law does not require you to, it’s going to increase your chances of surviving a crash if you’re wearing a helmet.”

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Source: WTOV9