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BMW Made an X7 Pick-up Truck For Carrying Motorcycles

Traditionally, BTW Motorrad Days in Germany are all about celebrating adventure and dual sport motorcycles, but this year there was a new sort of appearance at the bike show: the one-off BMW X7 Pick-up loaded with a BMW F 850 GS in the bed.

The X7 Pick-up was created and put together by young talent at BMW, including vocational trainees and the company’s Concept Vehicle Construction and Model Technology divisions.

They started the project wanting to build the perfect pick-up truck for carrying motorcycles, and started out with the most luxurious crossover vehicle BMW makes – the standard X7.

Image: YouTube via Fluchtwagen – VANS & TRUCKS

The team added 3D printed parapet elements, trip strips, and hand grips, and handcrafted the truck bed with the perfect combination of luxury and durability by using highly polished teak wood slats.

Image: YouTube via Fluchtwagen – VANS & TRUCKS

The young talent made sure the truck bed measured 78.7 inches long when the tailgate is open. Along with a spacious bed, BMW made sure to fit a height-adjustable two-level air suspension for handling the added weight of the motorcycle.

Image: YouTube via Fluchtwagen – VANS & TRUCKS

In addition to being the perfect bike hauler, the BMW X7 Pick-up is a real five-seater, and although it is four inches longer than the original X7, the X7 pick-up is 400 pounds lighter from the standard because the team used carbon fiber-reinforced polymer all over the vehicle, including the roof and rear doors.

This impressive machine went from concept to reality and a road-legal adventure car in less than ten months, thanks to the 12 trainees and their hard work at the company’s factory in Munich.

Check out this video to get a better luck of the pickup! (the video is in German)

While this adventure pick-up is not something you can buy (or not yet, anyway) it’s a great example of the amazing skills the company’s trainees develop and perfect during their time with the company and a great example of how the life of a biker can improve in the future.