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The World’s Biggest Motorcycle!

With its 3.47 meters total length, the GUNBUS 410 reveals to be the most perfect combination of a tremendous performance potential and a well-balanced design: an overwhelming monument made of steel and aluminium.

Due to the unusual dimensions of the individual vehicle components, it was an extremely interesting challenge to realize the overall concept of building this motorcycle, including the demanding mechanical and technical requirements.

Just a look at this massive, 410 cubic inches, two-cylinder V-type engine in a standing position makes you feel the huge elemental force resting in this fascinating aggregate.

It is the classical, clear and elegant shape of this motorcycle in prefect harmony with its distinctive, mechanical design which lets the GUNBUS 410 appear to be an especially charismatic vehicle with an irresistible visual effect. And moreover, since the creation of GUNBUS terms such as size and performance have been given a completely different meaning.

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