Here’s An Interesting Idea — Airbag Helmets For Bikers

You know how airbags for four-wheelers keep getting better and better? Wouldn’t it be awesome if bikers could use a similar form of protection?

A group of researchers at Stanford University thought about creating a foam helmet for bikers and bicyclists – which would practically work similarly to an airbag.

According to the researchers, foam helmets can and have proven to reduce the probability of skull fracture and severe brain damage. A foam helmet will also protect you from a concussion.

Bioengineer David Camarillo from Stanford University is testing a new helmet which comes in a soft pocket worn around the neck.


The soft pocket pops up, just like an airbag we see in cars, around the person’s head if it senses a possible collision.


While testing the new type of helmet, researchers dropped the helmet with the airbag and found the impact to the head was reduced by almost six times the impact on a regular helmet.


Camarillo says, the success of the new helmet lies in the large size. The sheer size of the helmet can also be softer which allows for more cushioned fall.


There is a downside to it: while testing, the airbag had to be pre-inflated and the pressure had to be maximized inside the helmet before each drop to find out the results of the impact.


An airbag helmet will be an ideal choice for bikers as the potential collision can leave a lasting impact.

There have been no testing labs around the world to implement this feature and it is still in development stage. Currently, the helmet is available in Europe for a price tag of 299 Euros (approx.  $334).

What do you think? Would you wear this helmet?