Celebrating American Craftsmanship for More than A Hundred Years

Indian Motorcycle® partnered with Red Wing Shoes® to create the new limited-edition Indian Motorcycle® boots by Red Wing Shoes®collection of fine, handcrafted American motorcycle boots.

Indian Motorcycle, founded in 1901, and Red Wing Shoes®, founded in 1905, share a rich heritage of authenticity, fine handcrafted quality, and products that embody the legendary American spirit. Today both brands also share the great state of Minnesota, with only 80 miles separating their corporate headquarters.

To celebrate the epitome of American Craftsmanship as it is today, Indian Motorcycle® partnered with Brian Klock from Klock Werks to design, craft, and build a one-of-a-kind bike that combines the craftsmanship of Indian Motorcycle® and Red Wing Shoes® with a Klock Werks twist.

Using inspiration from touring Red Wing Shoes® and leather from the factory, the bike that Klock Werks created embodies the qualities that makes each brand great – craftsmanship, comfort, style and durability.

Find out how to get a pair of these boots at the official Indian Motorcycle website.