Five Millionth Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Just Got Sold

Walter Barlett is the proud owner of a brand new  Heritage Classic. He bought it in Wausau, Wisconsin on June 3rd and made history as the owner of the five millionth motorcycle that rolled off the assembly line at the H-D York facility.

Harley-Davidson took not of this milestone bike as it was built, marking the moment when they made history on May 8th, when the motorcycle rolled off the assembly line.

5 Millionth Motorcycle – York, PA | Harley-Davidson

They also recorded as the bike was officially transferred into the ownership of its new best friend – Barlett.

The Milwaukee company tweeted about this important milestone:

Over 100 years of producing motorcycles led to this important moment in modern history, and not many motorcycle companies make it that far.

The Heritage Classic waited for under one month to find its rightful owner and go home with him a couple of states away from where it was produced.

Harley-Davidson likes to remind us how far they’ve come and where they come from, but they also like to give us a glimpse at where we might be going, like with the new Livewire project.