Counter Protesters on Motorcycles Try to Disrupt Anti-Trump Rally

CATHEDRAL CITY, Calif.- Monday evening, counter protesters revved their motorcycles and tried to drown out speakers at an anti-Trump rally in Cathedral City.

Two female riders on Harley-Davidson motorcycles repeatedly revved their engines and slowly drove by Civic Center Plaza during the rally.

“I think they have the right to speak, we all have the First Amendment right. However, when they are interrupting a 12-year-old girl talking about her hopes and dreams for the United States and living here with her family, that’s a bit antagonistic,” said Norberto Gonzalez, regional director for the California Democratic Party, News Channel 3 reports.

12-year-old Solange Signoret wasn’t intimidated by the bikers and finished her speech despite the disrupting noise. The little girl was the highlight of the day for everyone who attended.

Solange Signoret, 12, speaking at anti-Trump rally. – News Channel 13

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