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107-Year-Old Lady Crosses Motorcycle Ride Off Bucket List

KALAMAZOO, Mich. – Going on a motorcycle ride has been on Viola Coleman’s bucket list for years. Viola is a 107-year-old lady who used to love going on motorcycle rides with her father.

She used to always sit on the side when the two of them hit the road.

When Viola was around 15 years old, she had a crash and never rode again. She has been missing riding ever since, and now, at the age of 107, she finally got to scratch it off her bucket list.

Several days ago, the staff at Hallmark Living arranged for this lady to take a motorcycle ride. She got to ride around the parking lot twice before hitting the streets of Kalamazoo.

“Hell no,” she replied when asked if she was scared. “I’m just, just happy.”

The crowd clapped as she rode out on Michigan Avenue for several minutes and Coleman herself was beyond happy. Her former caregiver and current friend, Angel Haas, cheered her throughout the entire event. Haas worked with Viola for nearly five years before leaving last year, and they’ve remained close friends ever since.

Check out the video report from Fox17!

“She’s a very smart, sassy young lady you know,” said Haas for Fox17.  “What I learned from her is that live every day to the fullest, you know, appreciate what you have every day.”

Happiness is the message Coleman gives to everyone she knows. When she isn’t cracking hilarious jokes, she reminds everyone just to be happy.