Bikers Escort Bullied Teen To First Day of School

STREAMWOOD, Ill.– On Monday, a group of bikers escorted a middle school student to their first day of school. Megan Kuntz had been badly bullied last year and dreaded going back to school because of it.

When a group of bikers heard about her on social media, they decided to show up in dozens and escort the girl back to class on their motorcycles as a warning that bullying is unacceptable.

Megan’s mom is beyond grateful to have the biker’s support.

“The next thing you know I got a whole family back here that’s supporting my daughter, and she’s on cloud nine going to school today for the first time,” Jill Kuntz said for abc7.

You’d think the group of bikers was familiar with one another, but the truth is, most of the two dozen bikers who showed up did not know each other. They just spontaneously choose to show up and help.

School officials say they take bullying allegations very seriously and that they are already working on Megan’s case.

Check out the video report from abc7!