Biker Lands on a Speeding Car: ‘I Can’t Believe You Right Now, Dude’

This helmet cam footage taken from a Harley rider is going viral and it’s making people take stands: motorcyclist vs. driver.

You’ll see how a car driver suddenly decides to change lanes and crosses the double yellow illegally into the carpool lane.

He just cut off this motorcycle rider – whose instincts probably saved his life. Keep in mind this happened in Cali, where lane splitting is legal.  The rider wasn’t able to avoid the collision and he actually landed right on the trunk of the car he collided with.

And that’s not even the craziest part!

Evidently, the driver never even noticed what had happened. He just kept on driving, so the biker had to slam the car’s rear window repeatedly, yelling: ‘Stop, stop!’ while holding on to the trunk.

People’s opinions have been divided. Some say it’s the rider’s fault, because he was speeding. Others say the car driver was probably high or on his phone, because there’s no way a sane/focused person wouldn’t notice something like this. There is also the fact he crossed a double yellow.

Check out the video and tell us what you think about this crazy situation! Who is to blame?