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Badass Bikers Escort Bullied Disabled Teen To School

14-year-old Hannah Lewis was born with a disabling birth defect called Spina Bifida. Hannah has had a hard time at school because her classmates used to bully her because of her condition.

“They used to say I shouldn’t be going to school here because of the way I am,” Lewis said for WKRG. “Some people would come right next to me and they would limp and stuff how I do.”

“Bullying is a huge problem, it gets worse and worse every year,” Hannah’s mom Lisa Lewis said. “Children taking their own lives. Just the self-worth of how it makes the child feel every day and families too.”

A couple of months ago, a group of bikers heard about Hanna’s story and decided to take her under their wing.

“After hearing her story, we just couldn’t sit back and let it go,” Richard Hawkins of the American Bikers Association, Coarsegold Chapter said.

Hannah is recovering from her most recent surgery and was just released from hospital last weekend. Thursday was her first day of school and the group of bikers got her a limo. Dozens of bikers escorted the 14-year old to her first day of high school.

“I’ve just been waiting for this day for so long, so I’m happy its here!” Lewis said.

Check out the video from WKRG!

Source: WKRG