German Bikers Defending The Honor Of Their Women By Beating The Living Hell Out Of Muslim Refugees

Days after the sexual assaults on German women in Cologne city came to light, local gangs started uniting in a “manhunt” of foreigners.  Refugee men keep getting injured in attacks by groups of people in Cologne, German police said. Last year, Cologne was the scene of dozens of assaults on women, a number that has grown into hundreds as more and women have come forward to register complaints.

Local newspaper Express reported that the attackers were members of motorcycle clubs and hooligan gangs who via Facebook arranged to meet in downtown Cologne to start a “manhunt” of foreigners.

The assaults on women in Cologne and other German cities have prompted more than 600 criminal complaints, with the police investigation focusing on asylum seekers and migrants.

The assaults, ranging from theft to sexual molestation, have prompted a highly charged debate in Germany about Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door policy on refugees and migrants, more than one million of whom entered the country last year. Cologne police said a group of about 20 people attacked six Pakistanis on Sunday evening, injuring two of them. In another incident a few minutes later, a group of five people attacked and injured a Syrian man, police said.

The attacks on women in Cologne have also sparked a debate about tougher rules for migrants who break the law.

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What do you think about this? Are they entitled to take the matter into their own hands?