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Amazing Motorcycle Topiary Art (PHOTOS)

Imagine receiving a $1,000,000 gift and using the money to make something beautiful that reflects your passion for motorcycles – like incredible motorcycle topiary art!

That’s exactly what Chris and Geraldine Bradley did after their grandfather hit the lottery and gifted them a million dollars.

If you’re not sure what the concept of topiary is, it’s simple: the art of clipping trees, bushes and shrubs into interesting shapes. It’s a very popular horticultural practice that’s been going big way back since the European times. Modern day topiary includes creating your favorite item out of trees or bushes: a motorcycle.

What could be more perfect for a biker’s lawn than a huge, beautiful motorcycle topiary that portrays your love for motorcycles perfectly?

Check out this collection of some amazing motorcycle topiary photos!

Watch the video for the full story!