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Harley-Davidson confirms: All Electric Harleys Available Within Five Years

Harley-Davidson says its first electric bike is actively under development after compiling feedback from riders.

For years Harley Davidson has been known for chrome, freedom, and very noticeable big, beefy V-twin engines. Soon enough, it will also be known for something completely different.

Harley senior VP Sean Cummings says the iconic motorcycle manufacturer will put an all-electric motorcycle on the road within five years, in an interview with the Milwaukee Business Journal. You might remember 2014, when Harley-Davidson built a limited number of LiveWire electric prototypes. They let media  and customers go for test rides. Those bikes were never intended to be sold, but its existence clearly suggest Harly was pretty serious about exploring the possibilities of an EV motorcycle. Apparently, the customer response was positive.

The LimeWire was pretty impressive for its day, capable of 0 to 60 in under four seconds and a top speed of nearly 100 miles per hour — but the 55-mile range (33 in a high-performance mode) along with the 3.5-hour charging time made it a little less versatile than a traditional gasoline motorcycle. Presumably, Harley will use the next few years to engineer a newer, better powertrain that offers more range and quicker charging.

Check out this video to see LimeWire test rides from 2014!

The final look, specs, and target demo for the production electric Harley aren’t yet known — and probably won’t be for some time — but it’s safe to say that the company is looking to attract a new generation of customers: as of 2013, the average Harley buyer was born in 1965.

What’s your opinion? Would you ride an all-electric Harley?


(Source: TheVerge)