9 Amazing Christmas Presents for Bikers

The holiday season has already started and if you still don’t know what’s a good Christmas present for a biker, it’s about time to start thinking about it. Choosing a gift for a free spirit may seem like a tricky task, especially for people who don’t ride or own motorcycles. But it doesn’t have to be so.

We’ve prepared a list of 8 gift ideas for motorcycle lovers, and you can rest assured the bikers in your life are going to enjoy at least one of them. A meaningful, fun, and/or practical gift for a motorcycle rider doesn’t have to cost a fortune. From cool gadgets to stylish accessories and badass tools, this list suits all budgets.

Folding Pocket Knife

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Every biker needs a folding pocket knife. It comes in handy on road trips, and motorcycle riders who enjoy the adventurous lifestyle are going to love it. You can search for beautiful, handcrafted pocket knives, or even have one made especially for your beloved rider. They are very easy to carry and pack in motorcycle compartments as your fierce biker conquers the roads.

Swiss Army Knife

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A handcrafted pocket knife is both practical and eye-pleasing. However, if your biker is more on the super- practical side, you should look into Swiss pocket knives. They are incredibly useful and you can find examples with many handy blades and various mini-tools every adventure seeker needs.

Harley-Davidson Lighter

Zippo and Harley-Davidson have collaborated many times to create incredible lighters/hand warmers. You can choose from dozens of designs crafted particularly for Harley fans. There are gorgeous, feminine editions any biker lady would enjoy, but you can also find many rugged designs that go perfectly with the tough exterior those sexy, manly bikers have. These lighters have incredible details on them, just look at this Zippo Harley-Davidson limited edition in the video below!

Bring some stylish, cool light into your biker’s life this Christmas – they will love you for it.

Helmet Communication System

Technology nowadays allows us to stay connected wherever we are. If you care for your biker and want them to always be able to contact you or anyone else, get them a helmet communication system this Christmas. The Bluetooth headsets are placed in the helmet and they allow the rider to blast their favorite tunes while they ride, but to also make and receive calls safely. Some intercom systems are very useful if your biker often rides in a group, as they allow seamless, safe communication between riders, too.

Some helmets have integrated communication systems so you may check those out, too. Also, there are sophisticated communication systems, like Sena 10C PRO, if you want to buy a premium gift. However, if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy a full-blown high-tech helmet or an expensive system right now, there are many budget-friendly options available. They are easily installed on helmets and they allow the rider to safely communicate.  

Check out this video from RevZilla for the best Bluetooth communication systems of 2019!

Personalized Tumbler

If you want to buy a gift that your biker never puts down, a personalized tumbler is the smartest choice. These funky mugs vary in shapes and sizes, but they all have a few things in common: they’re hella useful and every biker would be happy to have one.

Many variations are available, and some of them allow you to personalize the mug and make it unique, like adding your biker’s name or nickname to the design at NorthWestGifts.

Motorcycle Art

Motorcycle rider’s love everything motorcycle-related. There are numerous outstanding artists that make incredible motorcycle art. Most of them are bikers themselves and know exactly how to create a valuable piece any biker would enjoy. Get your biker a motorcycle painting or illustration, and give them something to make their wall look as badass as their bike does.

Cool Motorcycle Jewelry

Many bikers love their bling-bling. You can find amazing motorcycle jewelry to buy as Christmas gifts for bikers. Awesome skull rings, bracelets, fun and pretty necklaces for the ladies – you name it, you can find it. Harley-Davidson fans in particular love to get a chance to appreciate their favorite brand through jewelry.

If you’re buying a present for an H-D rider, and you already know they love jewelry, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Warm Biker Hoodie

T-shirts with fun biker-related messages and prints are amazing, but it’s wintertime now and we’re all freezing. A better choice for your biker would be a warm hoodie.

Find a warm, cozy hoodie with a super-cool biker quote you know your rider relates to if you want to nail the perfect gift for a motorcycle rider. This present will keep them warm while making them look incredibly cool, and they will love you for it.

Mini Motorcycle

Buy your biker a new motorcycle! Not a full-sized version, but a miniature replica of their favorite model (although, if you can afford to buy a real bike, by all means, BUY IT!)

Miniature motorcycles come with sophisticated details and many of them look so real, you think the thing’s going to take off at any given moment. Does your biker have a favorite model, maybe something vintage or some limited edition he/she has been talking about, but can’t find or afford?

YouTube/ Miniature Automobiles

Research a little and try to find a mini replica of the model they’re so into. They’ll be able to display it in any corner of the house they prefer, and it will make a wonderful addition to the interior of your biker’s home.

Buying a gift for a biker shouldn’t be hard. Of course, nothing would make them happier than getting a new motorcycle for Christmas, but that’s hardly realistic, and a bit too much for the common folks. You don’t have to go bankrupt to make your favorite rider happy. Get them something that shows them how much you appreciate them, and how much you listen to them and understand their preferences.

Remember, nothing beats a gift that comes from the heart.

featured image: Flickr/Clyde Robinson