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Minnesota Biker Group Helping Kids Who Are Bullied

They call themselves Syd’s Angels and they have been raising awareness about bullying in Minnesota communities since the summer of 2016.

When the group is notified, or hears about a child being bullied, they gather and ride out to the kid’s community to show support. This is exactly what happened last weekend. After being notified about a 13-year old boy having trouble with bullies in Isanti, they went over to show their support and let the boy know he is not alone.

Syd’s Angels’ founder, Greg Carson, described the abuse in a Facebook post, saying Omlid has been kicked, punched, and drawn on multiple times despite reporting the bullies to the school district.

In a video posted on Facebook live, Carson says school districts should be held accountable.

Kids are killing themselves. Kids are cutting themselves. Kids are writing suicide letters, not turning them in, not knowing what to do with it, and it’s gotta stop, plain and simple. So it’s time for the communities, the cities, the states, the government, to come together finally as one body and make something happen, instead of just talking about it,” Carson said.

Check out the video!

According to their website, Syd’s Angels was founded after some bikers saw a viral video of a girl named Sydney. The 17-year-old was lured into the woods near St. Francis, Minnesota by a group of teens that she thought were her friends. Two girls beat her up while a third took a video, which they uploaded to Facebook and YouTube.

The bikers who saw it rallied up a group to drive to Sydney’s community in a show of support. That ride spawned a movement and an annual motorcycle ride to raise awareness about bullying.

Syd’s Angels Bikers Against Bullies next yearly ride will be held Saturday, August 12th at the North Branch American Legion.

For more info check out the group’s Facebook page or their website.