Flying Motorcycles Are a Thing: The Amazing Lazareth La Moto

Anyone who has ever ridden a motorcycle knows how close to flying it feels. The wind in your hair, the way you swing by those loaded cars and feel light as a feather – it’s all true. But, one specific bike doesn’t just make you feel like flying when you ride it – it actually lets you take off into the skies.

A French company designed a flying motorcycle that looks like it came straight out of a comic book. The vehicle is 50% motorcycle, 50% hovercraft, and 100% amazing. The Lazareth “La Moto Volante”(French for “The Flying Motorcycle”) is a four-wheeled motorcycle that transforms into a jet-powered hovercraft with a touch of a button.

When riding on the ground, the bike is almost identical to the Maserati V8-powered, 454-horsepower LM847. However, each wheel hub has a 96,000-rpm jet turbine. Hydraulic actuators push the wheels up and out to prepare the craft for flight mode. From that point on, it takes the jets 60 seconds to heat up and take off into the sky.

Lazareth’s ambitious creation actually works, as shown in a test drive video. The bike had its official debut at Dubai’s GITEX trade show in October, and anyone interested in this amazing machine had the chance to pre-order one for $560,000.

Flying bikes are finally here, and it looks like they’re here to stay.