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Heartbreaking: Navy Veteran Takes One Final Motorcycle Ride

Jim Bryant is a Navy veteran with enormous love for motorcycles. Bryant and his wife love riding, but they haven’t felt the breeze in the knees for over a year.

“Riding is the biggest thing for me, I’ve been riding for 37 years now,” Bryant says for 11kmtv.

Bryant was diagnosed with stage four cancer last summer. Since he felt that the chemo treatments did nothing for him, he decided to go on hospice.

When his hospice liaison learned about his love for riding motorcycles, he decided he needed to give this biker a chance to ride again.

Toma Barlett, the hospice liaison who organized everything, is a member of the Snake River Bros. He managed to gather riders from his own and other groups around the Magic Valley to join Bryant on his last ride.

Before the ride kicked off, they presented Bryant with a Navy flag signed by all the riders who participated.

“This is probably my last ride,” Bryant said. “Thank you to my wife, to my friends, to everyone for doing this and being out there.”

Check out the video report from 11kmvt!

Source: 11kmvt