Furious ‘Biker’ Forces Man to Take Off Sons of Anarchy Vest Because ‘He Didn’t Earn It’

A man was doing his thing at a gas station wearing a Sons of Anarchy vest his girlfriend gifted him, when an angry motorcyclist approached him and asked him to take the vest off.

This video was captured at a US gas station and it shows the infuriated biker confronting a confused Sons of Anarchy fan.

He told the man to take off the vest because he wasn’t a member of any club thus ‘didn’t earn to wear it’. He also said that he was insulting the Sons of Anarchy by wearing the vest with no real affiliation.

The man responded by saying it’s just a TV show, but the alleged biker went on and kept saying a patch must be earned.

‘There’s a lot of guys out there that do ride for real clubs. This conversation would go a lot different with them,’ he said, insinuating that the man would probably get beaten up if he came across bikers who are members of any club.

The man eventually took off his vest.

Check out the video!