Viral Video: Motorcyclists Attacking a Family in a SUV

This is the viral video of the so-called Hollywood Stuntz motorcycle club attacking a family in a Range Rover SUV in New York City. The passengers included a young woman, who was the wife and a pre-school aged child. The vicious attack began on the northbound West Side Highway around 125th Street in NYC.

The video, shot via an anonymous helmet cam, starts out with the motorcyclists approaching the SUV, and one of them slamming on his breaks in front of the car. What happens immediately next is unclear, but the aftermath is seen, with the SUV stopped on the highway, and the riders getting off their motorcycles and attacking the SUV.

Reports say they slashed the tires and may have attempted to pull out the driver or passengers. The driver fears for their lives and floors the gas, hitting a couple of stopped motorcycles blocking his path. The group of dozens of riders takes off in hot pursuit and the slashed tires force the SUV to exit the highway at the West 178th Street exit.

Now on the city streets, the Range Rover SUV is caught in traffic and swarmed by the group. The video ends with riders getting off their motorcycles and at least one of them taking off his helmet and using it as a weapon to smash the SUV’s windows as the video ends.

News reports indicate that the driver was pulled from the Range Rover and severely beaten, injured and hospitalized and the child was terrified.

Hollywood Stunz is an amalgamation of often rival motorcycle clubs that reportedly planned to swarm Times Square. The police fearing that they would scare residents and tourists due to past antics had set up checkpoints, but apparently that did not prevent the brutal attack caught on the helmet cam video.