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Bad-ass Vintage Bike Show Features Beautiful Machines

Motorcycle enthusiasts of all kinds showed up last weekend to Stony Point Fashion Park in Richmond for a Vintage Bike Show.

The event was outstanding, with awesome live music, face painting and so much more for your average motorcycle lover to have a great time.

Billy Lane, the owner of Coppers Inc. was also there to judge the bikes and hang out with bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts who attended.

He spoke about his history with motorcycles for 8News.

“I really started doing custom bikes, what we started doing was buying bikes that people had taken apart or damaged and couldn’t repair and bringing them back to life,” Lane said. “That’s really been my entire career. And a lot of guys … can’t afford to buy a brand new motorcycle, so they’re doing that and piecing things together and through that, they’re becoming custom builders and customizing and improving motorcycles.”

Check out the video!

Source: News5