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PINK UP: Women’s MC and Art Gallery Combine Efforts for a Good Cause

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO – If you see a group of women in pink riding around town in motorcycles, you should know that those are the Chrome Queens. They are an all-female motorcycle group on an important mission: helping out local breast cancer warriors.

“When we first started we wanted something that mostly impacted women…” Chrome Queens’ President Angela Peters said for kfvs12. “… that’s why you see a lot of pink everywhere. The pink in our patch represents the local warriors that we fight for.”

But it’s more than just a set of wheels.

“We do whatever we can to help others with a prescription, an electric bill, if we have it we’ll help,” Peters said.

It could be with anything: financial assistance, a ride to treatment, or just simply offering an ear to listen.

Over the course of the last month, the Chrome Queens joined forces with an unlikely counterpart: Painted Wren Art Gallery.

With the help of artist Aaron Horrell, the Chrome Queens are encouraging the community to paint for a cause.

The idea: take their mission one stroke further.

“I’m inviting people to paint hearts and flowers and happy things that will go with the breast cancer research theme,” Horrell said.

Painted Wren Art Gallery regularly hosts these types of fundraisers.

All of the proceeds will go straight to the cause.

Check out the video report from kfvs12
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