Motorcycle Safety Rally in Wake of Tragic Biker Death

Several biker organizations gathered in Las Vegas on Saturday to raise awareness about distracted driving and motorcycle safety.

Thousands of motorcycles roared through Downtown Las Vegas. All of them gathered with one goal in mind: sending a message to drivers and asking them to stop driving distracted.

The following day, a 52-year old biker died in a tragic accident when a car changed lanes and knocked him off his bike. Another car ran him over while he was down.

Motorcycle safety cannot be stressed enough, especially now, when the seasons change and you can see bikers all over the place.

Laurie Montoya, President & Founder of Biker Down Foundation says 85% of motorcycle accidents are caused by distracted driving.

Motorcycle accidents are up a devastating 21 percent from last year, and drivers need to be aware of the damage they cause. Look twice, save a life!

Check out the video report from News3 Las Vegas.


Source: News3 Las Vegas