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Large Group of Riders Takes Over Seattle Streets, Assaulting Drivers

A group of motorcycle riders took over the streets of Seattle, riding in the wrong way, with many of them riding on sidewalks.

Very soon afterwards, a group of riders surrounded and assaulted a driver in North Seattle.

Seattle police says the street brawl was started by one of the riders assaulting the driver. Allegedly, the riders pulled the man out of his truck and attacked him.

“I’ve seen smaller things happen around here nothing like that massive, it was insane to me,” one of the witnesses said for Komo News. “All of a sudden I saw people taking their helmets off, and dropping them on the ground and running into this guy’s truck and they were shaking it all around and broke his side view mirror and there was this huge fight that happened.”

Authorities say the group that assaulted the driver is very similar to the group seen riding the wrong way earlier.

By the time police officers showed on spot, the group split off and disappeared.

Police said they have been monitoring the bikers but no one has been arrested.

“Everybody stopped what they were doing, they were on their phones people calling 911 and filming stuff to try and get more evidence to the police,” the witness said.

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Source: KOMO News