Toddler Steals and Crushes Dad’s Trike (VIDEO)

A three-year-old girl in Miami managed to get on her dad’s trike, start it, and speed off with the Can-Am Spyder, with her dad chasing after her on foot.

The toddler drove out in traffic, and to make things worse, the father has what appears to be a prosthetic leg, and even though he managed to catch and grab the bike, he couldn’t climb on it and stop it.

The father was dragged behind the motorcycle as he attempted to rescue the girl.

After a few blocks of a crazy ride, both of them were thrown off just seconds before the trike crashed into a fence.

Although they have sustained some injuries, reports say both father and daughter are going to make a full recovery.

The Can-Am Spyder after the accident
Image:Video screenshot/ NBC6

A surveillance camera caught the last few moments of the insane ride, and it was more than dramatic! Some viewers might find it tough to watch.

Check out the video report from NBC6.

Source: RideApart