Kid Arrives To Prom With 60 Bikers

Taylor Parker from Guisborough, UK ,  nearly missed his prom after having a last-minute operation the night before.

Taylor is a 16-year old motorcycle enthusiast who developed an abscess on his back which needed an emergency operation the night before prom night.

Dressed up in his new suit and with no less than 60 bikers alongside him – he showed up at his prom like a real hero, just like in the movies.

“He arrived on the back of my husband’s bike and his granddad met him at the gate with his own motocross bike so he could ride down the drive with us all behind him. I’ve always had a love of motorbikes and so has Mark” – said Taylor’s mom, who lives in Guinsborough with her husband Mark.

Alex and Mark are both passionate riders and they’ve passed this passion on to their amazing son Taylor.

“Taylor has a motocross bike – virtually every weekend he’s at South Tees Motor Sports Park.”

When Taylor was about four or five he was diagnosed with dyspraxia – which affects fine and/or gross motor co-ordination – and Alex was told he would never ride a bike.

“But we got home and got his stabilizers on and when he was nine I bought him his first child’s motorbike and he got into motocross,” said Alex, 36, a nail technician. “He loves it.”

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Source: GazetteLive