Harley-Davidson Dynas Dominate Sportbike Trackday

How often do you see a pack of Harley-Davidson motorcycles track race among sportbikes?

That’s exactly what happened at Buttonwillow Raceway, a club-level roadrace track located west of Bakersfield, California.

In the morning before the race, around a dozen V-twin powered motorcycles went through tech inspection and obviously raised a lot of eyebrows.

Just how common is it to see Harley-Davidson Dynas mixed with sportbikes on a roadrace track?  Apparently, one guy is spreading this unusual movement and many Harley riders are loving it.

His name is Zach Nation and he is a mobile auto mechanic from California. He is known among many Dyna enthusiasts because there are videos of him going unbelievable speeds riding his Dyna all over social media.

Zach rides very aggressively for a Harley rider. This is because he grew up riding dirt bikes and sportbikes. After recovering from a broken foot, he ended up with a Harley because Harley-Davidson was the only motorcycle company that wanted to finance him for a new bike once he decided it’s time to go shopping for a new one and replace his destroyed sportbike.

Zach didn’t let a V-twin cruised make a change in his riding habits. He adapted the Dyna for his own riding style and continued where he left off before the accident – on a Harley this time.

Check out the video report from Hot Bike!