Amazing 90-Year-Old Woman Rides Her Harley To Daytona Bike Week

Gloria Struck is a 90-year-old great-grandmother who may be the oldest active female motorcycle enthusiast in the world. This beautiful lady is a true inspiration for both men and women everywhere she goes!

She doesn’t just ride around the block; she rides from New Jersey to Sturgis, South Dakota; from New Jersey to Daytona Beach, Florida. And those are trips she makes annually!

And she’s not content to ride on the back. The 5-foot, 125-pound dynamite handles her own 700-pound Harley Davidson just fine.

Gloria explains why she will never, ever trailer her bike. She also talks to Growing Bolder about how her riding inspires people of all ages, including others who would never consider riding a bike. She offers words of advice for those who tend to sit around in their older years — get out there and get active!

“Live your life, live your dreams… there’s so many people that there’s things they’ve always wanted to do and they feel they’re too old to, NO! DO IT! That’s my philosophy in life. Keep on going, do it!”


Check out the video!

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