From The Road To Water, The Amphibious Motorcycle

It’s definitely not as pretty as a Harley-Davidson, but this amphibious motorcycle sure is impressive!

The Gibbs Biski amphibious motorcycle is one of three incredible new water/roadcraft concept machines debuted at the AIMExpo 2015 by creator Alan Gibbs. The Biski is a 55-horsepower motorcycle that can retract its wheels and turn into a jet ski within 5 seconds by just a touch of a button. It’s twin cylinder engine is able to travel at 80 mph on land and 37 mph on water. The Gibbs Company has also created the water/road crafts Aquada sportscar, Quadski ATV, and the Phibian “amphitruck”.

This motorcycle would be ideal for a motorcycle enthusiast who also loves boating and fishing. It’s not the fastest thing on land or water, but it’s capability to drive from road to water is pretty impressive. What do you think? Would you ride it?


(Via:bikerornot )