Company That Runs Tattoo Parlor Loses License Over Alleged Links to Members of MCs

The company that runs popular tattoo parlor Bondi Ink has had its tattooing license declined because of alleged links to bikers.

The business took to ­social media last month to declare that it was closed for “renovation madness”, but a spokesman for Fair Trading NSW yesterday told The Daily Telegraph its license had been declined following “an adverse assessment” from NSW Police.

A police source told the Telegraph it was the ­company’s links to bikers that led to the unfavorable assessment.

Tattoo parlor operators who held licenses before October 1, 2013 were able to continue to operate their business after the introduction of tougher anti-biker legislation, while Fair Trading NSW assessed their suitability for a new license.

“Bondi Ink’s application was declined,” the Fair Trading spokesman said.

It is understood that an appeal was unsuccessful.

Bondi Ink, which found fame through a reality TV show, was popular with ­celebrities such as Zayn Malik and Ronan Keating.

Season Two of the show has just wrapped filming.

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Bondi Ink Tattoo Pty Ltd was signed over to Anthony Von Stanke on August 18 after the license was ­declined. It was previously under the directorship of John Tadrosse and his wife, Wendy.

Tadrosse denied bikers links in 2011 after nearby Coogee Ink tattoo shop was firebombed in a biker war.

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

Bondi Ink was thrust into the spotlight in December when a female manager applied for an AVO against a former employee, alleging the man threatened her in front of clients and staff.