Bikers Making a Change: A Ride to Feed the Less Fortunate

There is an everlasting stigma around people who ride motorcycles, especially when it comes to hardcore riders a.k.a. real bikers.

Dustin Larvie is a part of the Raiders Motorcycle Club and he says for Kota TV that he makes it his mission to remove the stigma from his crew, along with all the negativities attached to it, by serving the community in the best way he can.

This group of bikers gathered at the Cornerstone Rescue Mission and provided delicious meals for the less fortunate.

“We’re out there riding around checking to see if there’s anybody hanging out in places, letting them know to come here and get some food,” said Larvie.

Many volunteers, young and old helped serving the meal. Larvie said he brought all the kids to help so they would learn to do the same when they grow up.

Check out the video report from Kota TV!