AIM Expo in Orlando: Championship of the Americas

For the first time in motorcycling history there is a world class bike show focused on builders from all of the Americas that will serve as a path to compete in the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building.

The Championship of the Americas is a showcase of design, engineering and creativity by custom bike builders from as far north as Greenland all the way to the tip of South America.

Customizing a motorcycle as an expression of your personal identity has been the essence of two wheel differentiation and satisfaction since the GI’s returned home in the 40’s.

The opportunity for enthusiasts, members of the media, and the greater industry to appreciate these rolling masterpieces of art and meet their creators will be a memorable experience for one and all, no matter what your type of riding or particular brand preference might be.

This year the AIM Expo happens: October 13-16, 2016 – Orange County Convention Center – Orlando, FL

Check out the promo video:

Here is a wrapped up footage of AIMExpo 2015:

And a quick clip of some of the bikes presented this year:

Championship of the Americas is just one of the many amazing shows you can see at AIM Expo, including a vintage motorcycle show, exhibitor giveaways, stunt shows, a supercross museum, and more!

Beyond the nearly 500 exhibiting manufacturers and aftermarket companies, AIMExpo’s show features offer entertainment, networking, knowledge and experience!

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