47 More Bikers Sue Over Twin Peaks Arrest

Forty-seven bikers arrested after the Twin Peaks shootout, including a retired 32-year police veteran, have added their names to a growing list of those claiming in lawsuits that they were jailed without cause under excessive bonds in the May 2015 melee.

The bikers claim their civil rights were violated when city and county officials decided to arrest 177 bikers on identical charges and place them under $1 million bonds after the May 17, 2015, shootout in which nine bikers died and dozens were injured.

The latest two lawsuits were filed Friday evening in an Austin federal court on the bikers’ behalf by Dallas attorney Don Tittle, who previously had filed suit for 31 bikers in the same court. Of the previous 31 bikers, only seven are under indictment on first-degree felony engaging in organized criminal activity charges.

Tittle added three of the 47 new plaintiffs, Richard Dauley, Justin Waddington and James Venable, to existing lawsuits this week. Those three are not indicted, and the 44 other new plaintiffs all are indicted.

Included in this group of plaintiffs is Martin D.C. Lewis, who is identified in the lawsuit as a retired 32-year veteran of the San Antonio Police Department whose father was a San Antonio police officer for 27 years.

Wednesday will mark two years since the shootout and the deadline to file civil suits within the statute of limitations.

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