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2018 Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Scout Bobber Sold Out in 10 Minutes

Indian Motorcycle, Jack Daniel’s, and designer Klock Werks said that this year’s Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Scout Bobber has reached pre-order capacity in less than 10 minutes.

Dealers began accepting orders on March 13 at 12 p.m. EST, but the bikes were sold out in literally less than 600 seconds. This matches last year’s success when 100 Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Chieftain motorcycles were gone in just 10 minutes. The first time this collaboration happened in 2016, 150 Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Springfield and Indian Chief Vintage motorcycles were sold out in 8 hours.

Indian Motorcycle and Jack Daniel’s, as America’s first motorcycle company and first registered distillery, are partnering up for the third year in a row to create a limited-edition motorcycle. The partnership was established as a way to celebrate American craftsmanship, ingenuity, and to remind riders that: “Bottles and Throttles Don’t Mix.”

The Indian Scout Bobber, designed by Brian Klock of Klock Werks in Mitchell, S.D. in honor of Jack Daniel’s Fire Brigade and first responders everywhere, is this year’s superstar.

“We’ve enjoyed an outstanding relationship with Jack Daniel’s – two American firsts collaborating to create motorcycles rich with each brand’s heritage. We are ecstatic that the Limited Edition Scout Bobber sold out in less than 10 minutes,” said Steve Menneto, president – Indian Motorcycle for Milwaukee Business Journal. “As cool as these bikes are, we cannot forget the important message each carries. It’s the primary reason this relationship was formed, and that’s to spread the word that ‘Bottles & Throttles Don’t Mix.'”

The Bike

Jack Daniel’s is the only distillery in the world that runs its own fire brigade – which is operated entirely by employee volunteers. The motorcycle is a tribute to the members of Jack Daniel’s Fire Brigade and first responders everywhere, and it’s designed after the Fire Brigade’s fire trucks.

Only 177 bikes will be made this year.  As Indian Motorcycle says, the build number is a nod to the “Old No. 7 Brand” and makes the owners part of an extremely exclusive club.

The bike was designed on a Scout Bobber platform. It has a matte black paint scheme which was never done by Indian Motorcycle before. Real 24 karat gold is all over the bike, like in the golden tank and fenders graphics that really stand out. There’s a Fire Brigade emblem on the tank and a “Bottles and Throttles Don’t Mix” emblem on the front fender.  The seat is made of custom-perforated leather and it has “Jack Daniel’s” embroidered in gold thread.

Each owner gets an authentic fireman’s axe with his name, motorcycle number and unique VIN  custom-engraved on the handle.

Check it out!