More Than 100 Bikers Grant a Dying Man’s Wish

More than 100 bikers surrounded a dying man’s house a couple of days ago because hearing motorcycles rumble was his last wish.

Veteran Jon Stanley of South Bend had been battling terminal lung and brain cancer and last week he was sent home for hospice care. Stanley’s family told a local biker, David Thompson, that his dying wish was to hear the roar of a motorcycle outside his home. He made sure over a hundred of bikers showed up and revved their engines in his honor.

“You could tell he enjoyed the feeling of that one last rumble,” said Pat Schoff Gragg, one of the bikers who participated in the emotional display. “He was holding on.”

But that’s not all – the bikers even loaded Stanley into a sidecar and his wife revved the engine for one last time, creating a magical, heartbreaking moment for everyone around.

Sadly, Stanley passed away just a few hours after this event.

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Source: Inside Edition