Viral Video of Cop and Rider Bump in St. Louis

A video of a motorcycle rider bumping a police officer in a St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department vehicle is going viral. The motorcyclist allegedly posted this message on Facebook afterward:

“Who Says We can’t get Along. Well in Saint Louis We Can. Mutual Respect”

The video has raised many eyebrows. It shows the rider doing a wheelie westbound on Natural Bridge. He then extends his leg at an intersection, and the officer in the vehicle driving next to him extends an arm. The two apparently touch for a few seconds as they travel down the street.

It’s not clear if the rider was breaking any laws as the police don’t pull him over in the video.  Sgt. Keith Barrett, a St. Louis police spokesman, said the department was aware of the video and has opened an internal investigation.

Check out the video report from Fox 2!

This is the Facebook video that went viral!