Veteran’s Charity Ride Making a Difference

Veteran’s Charity Ride is a nonprofit organization that uses motorcycle therapy and various other life-changing programs to provide help for wounded, severely injured, and amputee veterans.

The organization provides the veterans with Indian Motorcycles, custom built trikes and Champion sidecars, and they organize a fun, adventurous ride for them.

Veterans enjoy riding across country, exploring the scenic roads of America, breathing the outdoor air and connecting with other veterans, groups, and supporters.

In short, it’s a breeze in the knees kind of therapy, and the veterans love it.

Annual Ride to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Each year, the organization takes wounded and amputee veterans on a ride to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota for a real adventure of a lifetime.

During this epic journey, they spend eight days riding on America’s most amazing highways and back roads, getting to know one another and helping each other feel better with motorcycle therapy and friendly discussions.

The veterans’ shared experience of serving brings them together, forming a bond and a sense of brotherhood. Veteran’s Charity Ride organization makes sure they show the veterans just how much America is grateful for their service by stopping in various small towns during the journey, where grateful people welcome these brave men and women and thank them for their service.

Along the way, the organization surprises the veterans with unexpected excursions, and they meet a lot of interesting and inspiring people.

Once they get to Sturgis, they spend the week of the rally riding the majestic Black Hills, attending various rally events, and giving the veterans a full Sturgis experience. Needless to say, the veterans love it!

Check out this video showing the arrival to Sturgis in 2018!