Solo Motorcycle Touring: 10 Useful Tips

Deciding to take off on a motorcycle trip on your own can seem a bit frightening to new riders. The truth is you can have a blast on your own, you just need to be prepared and get all the important facts right.

Here are some of the things we’ve learned about solo motorcycle trips which we hope you will find helpful.

  1. Share your trip plan with friends and relatives

You should give your friends and family an idea of where you plan on ending up each day, and when you plan on checking in. Even if you personally believe this isn’t needed, it will give your loved ones a piece of mind and a sense of ease about you riding alone.

  1. Start early

Watching the world wake up from the seat of your motorcycle is an incredibly unique feeling, and if you plan on doing big miles, you shouldn’t wait ‘till late afternoon to start your trip. Make a fresh and early start, you’ll enjoy the trip more.

  1. Take your earplugs with you

Always wear earplugs. Not only will they protect your hearing, but it will dramatically reduce fatigue. Helmets are noisy places, especially if you go higher speed and your bike doesn’t have big windscreens. Your brain constantly tries to process all the wind noise and tries really hard to determine whether you’re hearing something he should worry about, which is a really exhausting mental strain.

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  1. Use technology for regulating body temperature

Luckily, there are many advanced technologies for cooling and warming riders, so there is really no need to suffer in the heat, or in the cold weather. Riders from decades ago had to, but you don’t.

  1. Inspect your bike all the time

It’s crucial for you to be aware of any mechanical issues your bike might be facing before you start it, especially when we’re talking solo ride and long distance. Check the bike in the morning before you start it, check it again when you wipe it down when you park it for the day, check it when you fill up, check it when you stop for lunch or when you stop to take a photo… very often!

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  1. Travel light

When you tour, stick with the essentials. Make sure everything fits in one (small) bag. Bring your mobile phone, your charger, wallet, maps, led flashlight, couple of pairs of underwear and socks, multitool, a pair of jeans and a few t-shirts.

  1. GPS and paper maps

It’s highly recommended that you get Google maps (or any other preferred GPS app you prefer) for your phone, and using it ONLY WHEN YOU’RE OFF THE BIKE. We also love paper maps because they make it easier to visualize much greater areas than the area of any GPS screen.

  1. Eat smart

Eat, eat, eat. You are going to lose tons of energy while riding, so slipping into a food coma an hour before you start riding is always a good idea.

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  1. Hydrate

Very few people drink enough water during the day and this is something you have to revert when going on a motorcycle trip. Even in its early stages, dehydration causes fatigue, and as it progresses you will get headaches, nausea, muscle pain, and you will eventually pass out. You don’t want this to happen, so make sure you drink water regularly throughout the day.

  1. Use social media to make your trip interesting to others, too

If you don’t have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page, maybe you should consider starting one before you start your trip. Documenting your trip and sharing it with your loved ones on the go can be really interesting for both sides. Your friends and family will surely enjoy following you on your journey, seeing what you see and experiencing what you experience through photos and videos.



Via: (The Lost Adventure)