Riding the Same 1975 Honda Gold Wing for a Million Miles

It’s hardly the prettiest bike you’ve ever seen, the 1975 Honda Gold Wing Miles that has carried Al Zahrt over a million miles.

Al is the co-owner of Pro Moto Sports in the town of Maine. He bought his 1975 Honda Gold Wing when he was only 19 years old. Ever since, he’s ridden it in each one of the lower 48 states.

The seat is patched with duct tape. The dials of speedometer and tachometer are spiderwebbed with cracks from exposure to the sun. You can also see exposed wires in the fairing: that’s because Zarht installed a digital timer and connected it to the bike’s electrical system so he could keep track of the time while on the road.

Riding the same motorcycle for over four decades, Zarht has tweaked it to meet his own preferences. He has customized and tweaked the bike to reflect his pragmatic and functional values. Zahrt doesn’t want a motorcycle that attracts attention and swivels heads; he wants a bike that works.

In the 41 years Zahrt owned the machine, he’s replaced the motor three times. He’s gone through eight helmets. He’s visited all 48 contiguous states and a few Canadian provinces.

This bike might not be the most beautiful thing you’ll see today, but it probably is the most remarkable one.

Check out the video from Wasau Daily Herald!