Do Loud Pipes REALLY Save Lives? Veteran Biker Explains Perfectly!

Do loud pipes save lives or not – this is one of those never-ending arguments. Many argue loud pipes are a nuisance for the neighborhood, or any other place the motorcycle rumbles through. They also think having loud exhaust pipes is simply a rebellious act on the biker’s side, and completely unnecessary.

Many riders argue that loud pipes can literally mean all the difference in life and death situations because they are hard not to hear, therefor the riders is unlikely to be invisible to drivers and other riders. Also, they claim that pedestrians are easily alerted that a motorcycle is present, so they can’t be caught by surprise.

This veteran says he is a living proof that loud exhaust pipes make a lot of difference helping bikers be seen and heard on the road by cars or trucks.

Check out the video!

What do you think, do loud pipes save lives?