Hobbs Motorcyclist Pulls a Gun on a Driver in Middle of the Road

A scary road rage confrontation happened in Hobbs on November 15th. Hobbs police say a group of motorcycle riders on their way to a funeral stopped traffic at a busy intersection and ganged up on a driver who tried to pass by.

One of the riders even pulled out a gun.

According to the police, a couple of riders blocked the intersection after their lights turned read, so they would let the rest of the group through on their way to a funeral.

The victim tried to go through the intersection, but then a motorcycle stopped him. Police say a motorcyclist named Josias Montiel got off his motorcycle and started running towards the car. He then pulled a gun at the driver.

The driver then escaped to the back of his car with his hands in the air. His wife was at the front passenger seat at the time. She told the police another rider started banging on her window and then hit and broke the passenger rear window.

The attacker, Montiel, told the police he had pulled the gun out because the driver pulled a knife at him. However, police say they could not see the driver holding any sort of a weapon in the video.

Luckily, no one was hurt in the end.

Check out the video report from KRQE!