Halloween Bash at Bill’s Old Bike Barn Museum

Bill’s Old Bike Barn is celebrating 20 years in business, and they are throwing a Halloween bash you wouldn’t want to miss.

Most motorcycle enthusiasts have probably heard about Bill’s Old Bike Barn. Located off Route 11 near Bloomsburg, the museum is 55,000 square feet of pure awesomeness. It features more than 100 antique motorcycles from all over the world.

Halloween bash crew member, Rhett Rotten said it’s much more than just motorcycles, the museum is also a presentation of the way riders live their lives and share the same passion. It’s also a delightful preservation of the past.

The Halloween bash this weekend will include tours of the museum and enjoying the sight of gorgeous antiques, but the main attraction is something else: a wall of death.

Rotten rides in the show and he says this wall of death is going to be different than others because they will be riding their vintage motorcycles in there. He and his crew have set up the wall and they’re ready to party! Rhett Rotten has an impressive following with people from all over the States coming to see him and his crew performing.

Everyone who comes to the event this weekend has a chance of winning one of three motorcycles, one of them being a 1969 M65 Harley Davidson.

Check out this video report from 16WNEP!

The Hollywood bash runs Friday through Sunday at Bill’s Old Bike Barn. For more info, visit their official site HERE.