The First Motorcycle Equipped With CarPlay: New 2018 Honda Gold Wing

Honda is releasing the first ever motorcycle that has CarPlay support. The brand new 2018 Honda Gold Wing promises tons of exciting performance enhancements, one of them being a 7-inch LCD on the dashboard that offers full support for CarPlay, just like a regular dashboard found in cars.

You can use CarPlay with the Gold Wing with the help of a Bluetooth headset.  You can connect your iPhone to the bike via USB in the trunk or through the storage cubby located on the tank. It is then easy to access it through the touch panel.

CarPlay works well in the Gold Wing, as CNET reports. It can be easily controlled through the left grip or through a rotary controller on the tank.

Yes, you do have to connect a Bluetooth headset, a requirement mandated by Apple, one that is a bit frustrating since most CarPlay interactions don’t require voice. Still, once enabled it works well, controlled either via four-way controller on the left grip or a central, rotary controller down on the tank — though frankly I can’t recommend reaching down to that while on the go. Still, having intelligent navigation and access to your media on the bike is great. (Via: CNET)

The new Gold Wing brings a lot of changes, for one – it is 90lbs lighter compared to older models, featuring a 1,800cc engine with a double-wishbone front suspension. It looks narrower and pretty attractive, but it also has way less cargo space than the previous models.

Honda is trying to appeal to younger generations with this motorcycle. They aren’t targeting millennials exactly, but if they could interest Generation X, known as the first generation that’s into techier vehicles, they would be satisfied.

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Check out CNET for more details and specifications!