Common Myths About Biker Chicks Busted

We’ve all heard a whole bunch of misconceptions regarding biker girls. And by biker girls I mean real women who ride motorcycles, not models who dress up in leather and pose next to a bike.

As ridiculous as they sound, they still tend to spread like virus and I believe it is time to bust those silly myths once and for all.

So, let’s get started:

Biker girls aren’t feminine

I just can’t get over this one. Have those people who say this ever really met a biker chick? Have they even seen a single photo of a woman and her motorcycle? If so, are they blind?

I can’t think of another kind of girl that sends out as much sex appeal and as much girl-power vibe as a biker chick does. Biker girls do all those things other girls do, you know, like, make up, dress up and glam up! A biker girl won’t show up wearing biker gear at a black tie event. In fact, every woman should know a biker chick could give you the best advice on all-girly things like waterproof make up, or a dozen ways to style your hair so it doesn’t mess up under a hat or a helmet. She could give you tons of advice on how to pack all of your necessities, including makeup, perfume, lingerie, clothes, and even cute shoes – into one single container.

Biker girls are easy

Let’s be clear on this one: I know many girls who have dated most men they’ve met, and guess what? They aren’t biker chicks! Not one of them!

Most biker chicks I know are in monogamous relationships, happily married, or happily single!  All those ignorant people out there should know that all those half-naked girls they see on posters, you know, the ones that act like they can’t wait to get actually naked, those aren’t real biker girls. They are models who are PAID to act that way and support the fantasy of men around the world. Wanna know why they’re told to act this way? So ordinary men would visit the biker shows and pay their passes!

Biker girl’s bodies are covered with tattoos

Ok, so I do know several biker chicks that have tattoos, and I certainly know some of them who have piercings. But this is hardly a rule all biker girls go by. In fact, most biker girls I know don’t have tattoos. Not one tattoo, imagine that. That said, I haven’t met a single one whose body is actually covered with tattoos. I’m sure such vixens exist, but I haven’t met one in person. Have you? I have, however, seen several women who are covered with tattoos and – again, guess what? They aren’t bikers!

Some people like piercings, some people like tattoos, some people like cherry pie. It has nothing to do with owning a motorcycle. Never has, never will.

Biker girls cuss all the time

I have to admit I’ve heard biker guys swear like crazy when they get together. Not all of them do it, and they don’t do it all the time, but it does happen. Biker girls, however, are a whole different story. They are as lady-like as any other woman. They laugh at their guy’s jokes, but boys will be boys, and how can you not laugh at a good joke?

Biker girls talk about their bikes all the time

Let’s say you are an ordinary person who doesn’t own a bike, and you have a strong passion for knotting. Would you talk about knotting all the time? Didn’t think so.

Let’s make this clear: when there’s a ton of bikers hanging out, a huge part of the conversation will involve motorcycle talk, but hey, they’ve come together because they share a passion and of course they’re going to talk about it. You’d talk about knotting if you went to your knotting club, right?

Once you’re one on one with a biker girl, you will have a million of other things to talk about. Why in the world would she talk to you about her bike, if she knows you know nothing about owning or riding one? Biker girls have colorful, exciting lives, and you can bet the conversations will be vivid and interesting.

All biker girls are blonde

This one is a winner! Seriously, it’s too funny to even accept the fact some people might think this, but sadly, they really do!

No, folks, not all biker chicks are blonde. There are many blonde biker chicks, but they don’t even make a majority. A girl will dye her hair any color that fits her, and biker chicks have not made the blonde color their own brand. Maybe Barbie-ish girls have, but not biker chicks.

At the end of the day, biker girls are like regular girls, but sexier. Accept it, deal with it, and stop spreading silly myths that make no sense. Thank you!