The Artistic Biker: Beautiful Art Journal Tribute To Thanksgiving

If you haven’t heard about Jonathan “Blade” Manning,  also known as The Artistic Biker, now is the time to check him out because you’ve been missing out on some incredible stuff.

Jonathan is so many things: a biker, a veteran, a dad, a musician, a husband, an artist, and a person with a fantastic sense of humor, or as he says on his channel:

The Artistic Biker is a blunt force journey through the art world and art journaling. If “Robert” Ross, Red Green and Justin Wilson had a love child, it would be The Artistic Biker!

The Artistic Biker runs his own YouTube channel where he shares his beautiful art. Today, let’s check out this awesome journal tribute piece to Thanksgiving.

It’s fun, it’s interesting, and it features some amazing art! Check it out!

For more videos check The Artistic Biker YouTube channel.