Amazing Story About Bikers Who Helped Bruce Springsteen Turns Into A Political Brawl

New Jersay’s   Freehold American Legion Monmouth Post 54 Facebook page shared an awesome, positive story from the Legion’s motorcycle club.

On Friday, while riding back from Veterans Day celebrations, some of the club members saw another biker broken down on the side of the road. Naturally, they stopped to help, and it turned out the guy was a living American legend called Bruce Springsteen.

The bikers couldn’t fix Springsteen’s bike right on spot, so one of the vets put Bruce on the back of his bike and the whole crew went to a local bar to wait for his ride.

“We sat there and shot the breeze for a half hour, 45 minutes till his ride showed up,” Legion member Dan Barkalow told “Nice guy, real down to earth. Just talked about motorcycles and his old Freehold days.”

At first, the Facebook post gained a lot of positive attention and reactions, but before long, the comment thread turned into another direction, and an ugly online brawl took place.

Steamed-up Donald Trump voters started attacking Springsteen for opposing him, loyal patriots complained that Legion Riders helped out a liberal, and everyone argued about whether or not Real Americans ought to leave other people stranded.

Comments such as  “I wouldn’t lift a finger for that Hillary-lovin’ a-hole!” are blasting all over the place, and the post didn’t seem to bring anything positive, although it speaks of humanity, the biker’s code, and pleasant surprises that involve meeting a living legend.

Check out the post, and what it has turned into!

What do you think about this? Do you only help people who have the same political views as yours, and leave everyone else behind? Let us know!