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7 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Biker You Love

Valentine’s Day is dangerously close, and if you have no clue what to get for your beloved biker, chances are you aren’t the only one. It’s not that hard to run out of ideas, and you can’t even tell if it’s harder when you’ve been with someone for a long time, or when you’re celebrating the most romantic day of the year with someone you just started dating.

Sure, flowers and chocolate are almost always a good choice, at least for the ladies, but if anything, bikers are known for being adventurous and anything but ordinary. So why not come up with gifts that match their personality?

Instead of boring you to death with another list made of motorcycle gear and parts suggestions, we’ve dug up seven original gifts that would be perfect for the unconventional, creative biker’s mind, so let’s check them out!

A Gear Ring and Gear Necklace

Most ladies love jewelry, and so do many men. If you think that buying your biker another necklace or ring is far from original, that’s because you haven’t seen THIS set. It’s the perfect combination of intricate mechanics and gorgeous jewelry for your bad-ass biker this Valentine’s day.

Image: YouTube via Kinekt Design
Image: YouTube via Kinekt Design

The gear ring and necklace are just as fascinating as they are beautiful. Both these pretty pieces feature fully-functional parts that actually move (see videos HERE).

They make a unique gift your significant other will not forget about any time soon.

The ring is unisex so that it would make an amazing present for a big, masculine biker, too!

A Romantic Sculpture Made Entirely out of Motorcycle Parts

Do you know a biker who wouldn’t love to a bucket of roses or a beautiful angel sculpture made entirely out of motorcycle parts? How about if those motorcycle parts came exclusively from the U.S. -made motorcycles? How about if all the money you paid for the sculpture went to charity?

Yes, it’s sort of hard to find a biker who wouldn’t love a gift like this for Valentine’s Day.

James “Dirt” Dorner is an artist who creates incredible sculptures using American made motorcycle parts – to be more specific, only Harley-Davidson and Indian motorcycles.

Dirt doesn’t care about making a profit with his amazing art. He donates his art to local benefits, and he has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years for veterans, cancer societies, no-kill animal shelters, and children’s hospitals.

If you want to get your beloved biker a perfect gift to match their wild, but giving personality, it hardly gets any better than this.

A Miniature Motorcycle Made From Watch Parts

Does your significant other care for arts and crafts and vintage goodies in addition to loving motorcycles? If so, getting them one of these amazingly detailed miniature motorcycles built entirely from vintage watch parts will be a great choice.

A talented sculptor from Toronto, Canada, has been creating these miniature pieces of art for almost twenty years.

You can bet your partner never got a motorcycle like this one before!

A Romantic Tent for Two

Dating a biker or being married to one means being with a person who loves being out in the open. Is there anything more logical than making sure you are out there with them on their adventures, chasing new destinations together?

When it’s time to call it a night on your adventures, there’s nothing better having a roomy tent that’s comfortable enough to fit the two of you just perfectly, but still intimate enough for night snuggles. Get your biker a solid, lightweight tent and let motorcycle camping begin!

Photo by 6091236 (Pixabay)

Biker Sneakers

Is your favorite biker a Converse All Stars fan? The most iconic sneakers on the planet, the Chuck Taylor All Stars are everyone’s favorite. However, as far as riding a bike while wearing them goes, they aren’t really at the top of anyone’s list.

All that has changed with the limited edition Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars Motorcycle sneakers that were created exclusively for bikers (we wrote about them HERE.)

These are the first actual biker sneakers ever made, and you may rest assured your All-Stars-loving biker is going to go nuts over them.

GPS Tracker

Every biker is closely attached to his/her motorcycle, and if there’s one fear all riders share, it’s from motorcycle theft. Surprise your biker by gifting them with a GPS tracker for his bike. Let them know you care about them and about the things he or she loves by gifting them with added protection for their motorcycle. Any biker will appreciate it.

Photo by Tony Webster

Of course, the other amazing side of giving your biker a tracker is the fact you benefit from it, too. Some trackers let you keep tabs on your biker (and their bike), so you can always know exactly where they are. We aren’t saying this is actually very handy, especially for those situations when your biker takes their motorcycle out and disappears all day. No, we aren’t saying that. Or are we?

Personalized Key chain with Engraved Message and Recycled Motorcycle Chain

Let’s say you just started dating this amazing, sexy, breath-taking biker and you want to surprise them with something cute and original for Valentine’s Day. You don’t want to come off as desperate by buying an overly personal or expensive gift since the relationship is still young, but this doesn’t mean you can’t get them something original and romantic.

Why not surprise your new date with a cute, personalized message incorporated with something romantic, yet motorcycle-related?

This “I WHEELIE LIKE YOU” personalized key chain with a stamped message and recycled motorcycle chain is a great example of what would make an awesome custom Valentine’s Day gift for any biker.

If you would rather stay on the “safe” side, though, getting your biker some goodies from their favorite brand, or gear or parts for their motorcycle you know they would love having is always a good idea!

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love and showing that special someone in your life just how important they are to you. Getting the perfect present for a biker isn’t hard.

However, it won’t hurt to throw in some originality now and then, because your favorite biker knows how to appreciate it.