Biker Almost Killed by Mattress, Driver Gets a Ridiculous Fine

Have you ever thought you should watch out for flying mattresses when you’re out riding?

A motorcyclist escaped death or serious injury on March 28 in in Brisbane, Australia, after a flying mattress fell off the trailer of a truck and hit him while he was riding his motorcycle through a tunnel.

“The mattress went under the bike and flipped me up onto my front wheel,” Mr Wood told the Queensland Times.

“When I stopped I realized I had torn the grips right off the handlebars – I thought I was a goner for sure,” he said.

“I was just very lucky to come out unscathed – apart from some cuts to my hands,” Mr Wood said. “The police are amazed that I am alive.”

Queensland Police released video of the frightening moment, check it out!

According to reports, Queensland police traced and fined the driver of the truck 275 Australian dollars.