Biker Loses Arms and Legs Due to Bacteria Infection From His Dog’s Saliva

A West Bend biker,  Greg Manteufel, contracted a blood infection after his dog licked him, and the infection has led to multiple amputations.

Just a month ago, Greg was a healthy man, long way from a hospital bed, spending much of his time riding his Harley and enjoying life.

Greg’s wife says he was perfectly healthy. They thought it was the flu that got to him when he landed in the emergency room. Dawn, his wife, says there were bruises all over his body as if someone had beat him up with a baseball bat.

In late June, blood tests revealed he had an infection caused by bacteria known as capnocytophaga, commonly found in dog’s saliva.

Within only a week, they had to amputate his legs. Doctors say the infection got into Greg’s system by something very common – getting licked by a dog, most probably his own.

Considering the fact he has been around dogs all of his life, this is very hard to comprehend. The life of this family is changed forever.

“More than 99 percent of the people that have dogs will never have this issue. It’s just chance,” says Dr. Munoz-Price.

Check out the video report from Fox6!