6 Reasons Why You Need To Get Yourself A Motorcycle

When you hear some people talking about bikes they almost worship them as the greatest things in the world. Once you’re riding down the open road with the wind in your hair you can see where they’re coming from. At any point in time someone could decide they want to start riding a motorcycle. Hopefully that’s you and you’re ready to give it a shot. They can be dangerous, so you’ll have to think long and hard about whether you want to take the risk or not.

If you’re a safe rider and pay attention to the road there’s a great chance you’ll never be involved in an accident. It’s all about knowing your limitations and being patient enough to never go above them. Let’s stop talking about the danger because it’s not fun, so instead we’ll look at some of the great reasons why you should start riding one today. Hopefully by the time you get to the bottom you will want to get out there and start taking lessons, so let’s get going.

Save lots on gas

You already know that filling up with gas can hurt your bank balance if you have a car. When you have a motorbike it doesn’t really work that way. The amount of miles you get to the gallon is quite extraordinary when you’re been driving a car all your life. It’s even better when you are used to driving a gas-guzzling car. Do you know what you’d do with all that money?

It’s much cheaper

save money photo

When you buy a new car you can spend quite a bit of money for a good model. It doesn’t work like that with bikes and you can buy an amazing one for much less than you could get any car for. This obviously takes into consideration the size of the bike, plus the fact you can’t fit more than one person on it. If you are single or buying a second vehicle it could be worth it.

Getting them fixed

You probably already have guessed that considering how cheap they are compared to cars they also come with much cheaper replacements. It means when they brake you can get them fixed a lot more cheaply. The price it costs these days to get some car repairs done is crazy and it’s no wonder people want to ride a bike instead. You could even try fixing it yourself.

Cruising along the road

motorcycle cruising photo
Photo by Evan MiIes

If you live in certain places you might see everyone out cruising at the weekend on their bikes. That’s because there’s not much things that give you a better feeling in the world and it’s almost like therapy because it relaxes you so much. If you don’t want to go out on your own there’s plenty of clubs you can join that will arrange long rides at the weekend. This doesn’t involve joining the Hell’s Angels, so don’t worry.

Getting places quicker

Everyone has been driving to work only to get caught up in the biggest traffic jam of the year. The amount of time you spend counting the minutes is horrible. Riding a motorcycle means you play by a different set of rules. You don’t have to wait about in the traffic like you would if you were driving a car. You get places much quicker and you can use your imagination to work out how.

It’s more stylish

It’s a stone cold fact that riding a motorcycle makes you look more stylish. This works great with the opposite sex who sees a guy on a motorbike and thinks he’s cool. When you have your leathers on you look good and walk with a certain air of confidence about you. That’s maybe the place the style comes from because confidence is sexy. When you drive a small car the effect isn’t the same.


Photo by David_Kerwood

(Via: YouMotorcycle)